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Instant Tenant Referencing

The UK’s Only Fully Automated & Comprehensive Instant Tenant Referencing Provider
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What Our Reports Include

Full Credit Check, Identity Check, Current & Previous Address check, Adverse Credit History Check, 6 year CCJ’s Check along with Employment verification, Affordability checks and Previous Landlord checks, Right-to-Rent Checks and Powered by the UK’s Leading Credit Providers All done instantly through our Revolutionary IDA Technology.

Income Analysis

  • - Employment Status

  • - Salary & Bonuses

  • - Commissions & Raise

  • - Length & Contract

  • - IDA Banking Tech

Employed, Self-Employed or Freelance

Rent Analyst

  • - Proof of Rent Payments

  • - Tenancy Length

  • - Rent Amount & Frequency

  • - Late Payments Check

  • - Previous Landlord Check

Previous Addresses and Landlords

Affordability Check

  • - Data direct from bank

  • - Fraud-less System

  • - 3 year Evaluation

  • - Most Accurate method

  • - All Accounts Checked

Real-time Bank Data Analysis

How we can do it Instantly

Once a applicant has completed the online application, our system instantly receives raw banking and financial data directly from the applicants bank accounts using the power of our IDA Technology. Our unique software then converts the raw data into simple, easy to understand categories which show the relevant information needed to compile into a full report.

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Special Features

We provide exactly the same comprehensive tenant report that you would expect from your current reference provider but we do it instantly and for a fraction of the price.

Instant PDF Report

Instantly view, print or download the comprehensive tenant report anytime via Desktop, responsive mobile or tablet.

Right To Rent Checks

Our system scans and validates each applicants Passport and matches the information direct from the Issuing country

Full Credit Check

Adverse history, CCJ, Defaults and Bankruptcy checks along with Current and Previous address history provided by the UK’s Leading Credit Reference Providers

Fraud-Less System

Our software offers only real-time data direct from the banks which enable us to accurately determine the credibility of any information submitted.

Affordability Assessment

We believe that the current process is dated and now irrelevant to current world. Our affordability checks reflect real-time deposits and withdrawals to accurately perform tenant criteria analysis.

Employment Verification

Our system verifies employment information Direct from the banks and HMRC. Including Self employed and freelancers.

IDA Banking Tech

Our revolutionary IDA Technology uses our unique software to connect our system to an applicants banking and financial affordability information instantly.

Add Multiple Users

Add individual agents or multiple branches from your main user dashboard seamlessly.


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Our Portal

Our portal is Fully responsive and can be accessed via any device. Clean, simple and very user friendly. Including 24 hour interactive Live support.

Contact Info

For new user registrations or to register your interest please contact us using the form.


+44 203 856 7655


22 St. Pancras Way, London, England, NW1 0NT